Thalassotherapy associates the beneficial effects of seawater, seaweed and essential oils bringing well-being and fitness to the body and mind.

More than a thalassotherapy centre, Miramar Crouesty**** represents the ideal balance between the beneficial effects of marine elements and human know-how.

Taking a thalassotherapy cure at Miramar is to benefit from the pure seawater drawn 300 metres from the coast and used in our treatments returning to you all the trace-elements and mineral salts the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. A mixture of water or seaweed treatments, plant oil massages, all combined with the skills and unique experience of our physiotherapists, hydrotherapists, algotherapists, give your body newfound energy as the treatments progress.

Our programmes:


thalassotherapy Hotel Miramar Crouesty Ideal for fighting fatigue and stress, the Fitness cure is exclusively dedicated to your well-being and vitality.

Programme of 24 treatments over 6 days: 3 massages and body sculpting, 3 hydrojet massages, 3 hydromassage baths, 3 underwater showers, 3 handheld showers, 6 underwater jet massages, 3 remineralizing seaweed body wraps

From €1,074 per person, half-board, 6 days and nights of treatment


Rheumatic, mechanical or muscular pain? The Health Serenity cure is a customised programme of treatment which will help you return to a state of health and serenity.

Programme of 24 treatments over 6 days: 3 physio massages (30 min), 3 aqua-trainings, 3 therapeutic body wraps, 3 hydromassage baths, 3 underwater showers,

+ 9 treatments defined with the doctor depending on the chosen therapy:

Back therapy (3 Lumbar pools, 3 hydrojets, 3 Pilates sessions) Leg circulation therapy (3 dynamic pools, 3 pressotherapies, 3 foot baths

Articular physiotherapy therapy (3 physiotherapy pools, 3 marine mud applications, 3 affusion showers)

From €1,218 per person, half-board, 6 days and nights of treatment. Compulsory medical visit: €32. Cure starts on Monday.



One of the most efficient weight loss programmes in France!

Thanks to a personalized diet programme drawn up with our dietician and the inventive recipes of our Chef, you will enjoy slimming!


In addition, the thalasso treatment associated with personalized physical guidance visibly enhances the results.

Programme of 25 treatments over 6 days: 1 skin scrub, 3

silhouette body wraps, 2 dermosonic treatments, 1 watermass, 3 hydromassage baths, 3 silhouette handheld showers, 3 aqua-training, 3 silhouette sculpting sessions (30 min), 3 underwater jet massages.

In addition: 6 sport coaching sessions, 1 Power Plate discovery session (15 min), 1 diet monitoring throughout your stay, 1 dietary consultation, 1 change of silhouette monitoring, 1 impedance measurement.

From €1,608 per person, half-board, 6 days and nights of treatment

This is still the best and most profitable treatment! For absolute effectiveness, this programme is also possible over 9 or 12 days.

9 days - 9% reduction

12 days - 15% reduction


Being a mother is first and foremost feeling a like a woman! By choosing this programme, you will gently return to your former shape and will regain the energy you need for your baby.

Programme of 26 treatments over 6 days: 3 Silhouette underwater showers, 3 "special young mum's" bust treatments, 3 hydromassage baths, 3 pressotherapies, 3 body sculpting massages (30 min), 3 firming body wraps, 3 handheld showers, 3 underwater jet massages. And these can be shared with your baby: 1 introduction to baby massaging, 1 whirlpool bath with baby.

From €1,188 per person, half-board, 6 days and nights of treatment

The advantages of Miramar Crouesty The nursery is free during the mother's treatments (for all in-hotel cures at Miramar Crouesty).

For your comfort, baby equipment is provided for you in your bedroom: baby change table, cot, bottle warmer, etc.

Enjoy a perfect union between the vitality of seawater and a sensory voyage with massages from all over the world. This programme is composed exclusively of individual treatments to combine relaxation and pleasure with the same aim: the search for absolute well-being!

Programme of 18 treatments over 6 days: 6 international 1 hour massages (abhyanga, Californian, Balinese, Hot stones, Zen sculpting and Kansu), 1 "Hammam experience" skin scrub, 3 hydromassage baths, 3 seaweed body wraps, 3 whirlpool baths, 1 four hands shower massage (30 min), 1 Zen body wrap using Neroli.

From €1,536 per person, half-board, 6 days and nights of treatment.

Meaning "tranquillity" in Sanskrit, the Prasama cure is for anyone who is seeking serenity of mind and body! Truly revitalizing, enjoy a combination of seawater treatment and an exclusive massage using the Indian ancestal techniques of Ayurveda.  Programme of 24 treatments over 6 days: 3 Shirodhara, 3 Dien Chiam, 2 Shiatsu, 2 whirlpool baths with essential oils, 1 Thai therapeutic massage (1 hr), 3 Abhyanga (1 hr per massage), 3 affusion sculpting massage (30 min), 1 marine relaxation, 1 underwater shower, 3 hydromassage baths, 2 Pilates sessions.

From €1,632 per person, half-board, 6 days and nights of treatment. Cure starts on Monday.